Peg says
Luca Signorelli gave even

ideas, but
exiting from the duomo
in Orvieto

the excellence
of sun still
seems greater to me

than Signorelli.
How great? As great as a cicada
in dry sawgrass

like a spark; or so it might
feel to you too

if you’d grown up
next door to a casket maker’s
storehouse, a Quonset

hut, salvaged
War Department junk—its galvanized
corrugated sheet metal

like chrome rubbed raw & dull
by year of steel wool
and shivering hot at noon—

it would burn you
burn you good & sorry
if you touched

fingers to metal
while peering through
the grimy windows,

all those market-rate
coffins stacked flat inside on sawhorses
and dark as lead doorways.

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Photo: “Corrugated Metal Sheet” by anasararojas; licensed under CC BY 2.0

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